The Vampire Diaries: 10 Best Stefan and Elena Quotes


They may not have ended up together in The vampire diary, but Stelena is still one of the most important relationships in history. Elena’s love triangle with the Salvatores was full of ups and downs and there were times when the scales tipped back and forth.

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Stefan and Elena left a permanent mark on each other’s lives, and their love affair made them realize that happiness was still possible. There are viewers who still believe Stefan and Elena were soul mates in The vampire diary, and there are several lines in the series that help strengthen this argument.

ten “Thanks for bumping into me that day in the hallway. I never thought I could be happy again and then I met you.”

Stefan and Elena claim to be engaged in The Vampire Diaries.

By the time Stefan met Elena at school, they were both changed for good. Not only did Elena lose her parents at such a young age, she was in the car when it happened. The time she spent underwater clearly stayed with her, and she wouldn’t be alive if Stefan hadn’t witnessed the crash.

Elena experienced an unspeakable tragedy from which some people may never recover. However, Stefan was able to guide Elena out of the darkness, and she did the same for him.

9 “One night… An eternity… You would never look at me like you look at Elena, would you?”

Stefan surprises Elena in The Vampire Diaries.

Katherine never stopped loving Stefan, and she proved it through her romantic gestures in The vampire diary. While he once considered Katherine the most important person in his life, Stefan never felt true love until he met Elena.

Katherine is arrogant, but she’s also incredibly intelligent. No matter how much she craved Stefan’s affection, Katherine knew that no one would ever hold a candle to Elena. Stefan was in several relationships over the years, but Elena was the only person he was head over heels in love with.

8 “I love you, Stefan. Hold on to this. Never let this go.”

Stefan was not the same after The vampire diary Season 3 and his time with Klaus were one of the darkest moments of his life. He would do anything to save Damon, so it wasn’t shocking that he gave up his relationship with Elena and allowed himself to be the Ripper again.

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Klaus forced Stefan to torture and kill, and it didn’t take long for him to think of himself as a monster. Even though he couldn’t say a word when he called her, Elena knew exactly what Stefan needed to hear. She immediately sensed it was him on the phone and offered him unconditional love, despite everything he had done.

7 “The only thing stronger than your thirst for blood is your love for this girl.”


Stefan doesn’t want blood like a normal vampire, and it only takes a drop for him to lose control. For seasons viewers have witnessed Stefan’s short time to become the Ripper, but he managed to resist Elena’s booze.

The originals have the ability to coerce other vampires, but even the most powerful villain of The vampire diary couldn’t get Stefan to hurt the girl he loved. Despite his thousand years, Klaus had never seen anything like it.

6 “I had to choose and I chose you. Because I love you. And whatever happens, this is the best choice I ever made.”

Stefan kisses Elena in The Vampire Diaries

Before Elena drowned under the Wickery Bridge and transformed into a vampire, she would come home to tell Stefan that she loved her. Damon had been her rock while Stefan was gone, and when Stefan returned he did everything in his power to chase her away.

Elena knew who Stefan really was and she never stopped fighting to get him back. On an emotional phone call, she admits that it doesn’t matter how she feels for Damon because she never stopped loving Stefan.

5 “When we were together, every atom in my body told me that was the right thing, that we were a perfect fit.”

Stefan and Elena almost kiss.

Even vampires have doubts, and it’s rare for a person to be so sure about something that they never question it. There were a plethora of reasons why Stefan and Elena shouldn’t be together, and even though it turned out to be the opposite, it seemed like the universe was working against them.

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However, Stefan knew that what he felt for Elena couldn’t be wrong, and viewers never witnessed an ounce of uncertainty. Even after finding out that they were meant to be together, Stefan and Elena remained sure they fell in love on their own.

4 “This is what love should be. You should love the person who makes you happy to be alive.”

When she was trying to choose between Stefan and Damon in The vampire diary Season 3 finale, Elena admits Stefan made her happy to be alive. Rather than struggling to make it through the day, the thought of seeing him made her wait impatiently.

The moment Stefan and Elena met, her whole view of the world changed. Elena realized how precious life is, and no matter how much she will always miss her parents, it is possible to heal and be happy again.

3 “It’s you and me, Stefan. Always.

There are several reasons why this is one of Elena’s most romantic quotes in The vampire diary. By offering her blood to Stefan, she let him know that his struggles had become his.

Elena saw with her own eyes how dangerous he could be, but she implicitly trusted him. Drinking animals made Stefan weak and vulnerable, and Elena put her life in danger to keep her safe. If he lost control, she was ready to go down the rabbit hole with him.

2 “She is the love of my life. I would be back to her in the blink of an eye.”

Stefan ends up marrying Caroline before sacrificing his life to save Mystic Falls, but if he had the chance, it’s hard to imagine he would choose anyone over Elena. She might have broken his heart, but Stefan loved her so much that it didn’t matter.

It took a long time for him to move on with Caroline, and even after their first kiss Stefan continued to have doubts about his feelings for her. Yet when it came to Elena, he was always certain that she was the love of his life.

1 “Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies.”

Stefan and Elena reunite in The Vampire Diaries.

Klaus is no expert in successful relationships, but he had a thousand years of life experience. The fact that he had never witnessed a love as powerful as that of Stefan and Elena says a lot about what was between them.

After a quote like this, it’s surprising the two haven’t been happy forever. However, in an interview with Deadline, the showrunner admitted that Stefan and Elena might have reunited if Nina Dobrev hadn’t left the show.

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