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Artist Pavel Hudec illustrates some of the influences to be heard in Ravel’s haunting music written in 1914

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The Sitkovetsky trio have released an animated film depicting composer Maurice Ravel in and around Paris, ahead of the trio’s new album release later this week.

Animation by artist Pavel Hudec illustrates some of the influences that can be heard in Ravel’s haunting music written in 1914.

“The film shows some of the events surrounding the creation of the Ravel Piano Trio in A minor,” explained violinist Alexander Sitkovetsky, “and the different influences that Ravel drew on, his Basque roots and the rush to finish the piece as the world war 1 drew closer.

“The host Pavel Hudec placed Ravel in an absolutely magnificent Paris: the light, almost impressionistic design of the city contrasts so well with the rich and deep colors of his native Basque region of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Various characters appear throughout the film. , including of course the cheeky addition of our Trio at the Théâtre Châtelet.

“We are delighted to share it with everyone.”

The new recording of the Sitkovetsky Trio combines Ravel’s trio with Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 92 and marks the trio’s fourth release on BIS Records.

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