“I’m not a sulky” – The best quotes heard in week 2 of the NFL season


NFL Week 2 has come, she saw, she provided some answers… but produced a lot more questions. He also brought with him an abundance of noise – as is customary in the world of football.

While some teams reveled in the silent relief that accompanied securing their first win of the season, others had to contend with the piercing music that inevitably plays when a franchise hits the dreaded 0-2 mark. .

From Kliff Kingsbury’s disappointment in his video game statistics-producing quarterback to Urban Meyer’s emphasis on “we” not “me,” here are some of the week’s most memorable quotes:

Kyler involuntarily takes the pose of Baby Yoda …

First it was the touchdown celebration, then Kyler Murray’s confession that he had never seen Star Wars (third slide):

Kingsbury, disappointed that he was …

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury was far from thrilled with his QB1’s confession:

“I was heartbroken that Kyler had never seen Star Wars because from around 4 to 9 years old, I wanted nothing more in life than to be Luke Skywalker. So I think he could. learn from this trilogy, if you will. “ – Kliff Kingsbury

… The force seems to be strong with that one.

Rodgers has a message for the enemies …

Revenge is a dish that is eaten with the blink of an eye. After Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a 35-17 victory over the Detroit Lions – effectively redeeming himself after an appalling Week 1 performance – the reigning MVP has said this about those who have said he seemed to mock the New Orleans Saints:

Gronk, not a big movie guy …

Rob Gronkowski joined Peyton Manning and Eli Manning on their Monday Night Football show and shared a glimpse of his match preparations – or his absence.

Gronk went on to explain that he outsources his movie viewing to Tom Brady, who “watch like 40 hours of film per week” asking who covers it and what type of coverage they offer.

The star also revealed that he doesn’t train on Fridays because he’s “Robby G. Red Zone”

A legend among us.

Harbaugh and Lamar have Big Truss …

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson put on a masterful performance on Sunday night and – thanks to a little faith from his head coach – secured his first win over Patrick Mahomes by attempting a first down on the fourth and 1 after his defense recovered from a fumble from Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

After the game, Jackson shed some light on the trade that took place before his conversion to fourth:

“He [coach John Harbaugh] asked if we wanted to go. I said, ‘Hell yeah.’ I said, ‘Dude, I have to drop this first, no matter what.’ “

Campbell doesn’t have time for negativity …

Detroit may be on a 0-2 start this season, but head coach Dan Campbell has zero tolerance for players who appear depressed and have the same ‘old Lions’ mentality:

“I told them I didn’t want to see this. … I’m not that kind of person. I’m not a negative person. I want to go to work. I want guys who are resilient. Who are willing to go back to work. They love the ball. They will fix their mistakes, and these are the guys I’m looking for. I’m not a sulky. … I hope it stings. It stings me. and this is no big deal. But that doesn’t mean you have to be negative or kick the dirt. I don’t want these guys. “

Heinicke is scrambling for the endorsements …

What does a guy named Taylor Heinicke who is currently the starting quarterback for the Washington football team have to do to be sponsored by Heineken beer? Apparently more than he does.

Asked about his attempt to be supported by the drink, which bears a strong name resemblance to his own, Heinicke conceded:

“I’m trying, man. At some point I might start calling Bud Light.”

Burrow, Chase raise questions about playcall …

The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Joe Burrow threw interceptions on three consecutive pass attempts. All in all, it wasn’t a pleasant performance for Burrow, wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase or anyone else on the squad.

But the duo’s post-game comments raised questions about the offensive approach taken by the man who led the shots: Zac Taylor.

“We waited until the last minute to take pictures.” – Hunt

“You have to throw the ball over their heads. At least make them feel like you’re going to be able to do it and call games that are over their heads.” – Terrier

Sort of like they wanted to test Chicago with downstream targets.

Patriots playing boring football?

While we’re on the subject of downline strikes, it would be foolish not to touch the Mac Jones-era New England Patriots. Jones is the first quarterback with a completion percentage of over 70 in each of his first two NFL starts (minimum 10 pass attempts). Jones also ranks 29th out of 33 quarterbacks qualified in aerial yards per attempt (5.3), according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

But according to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, it wasn’t for lack of confidence in the rookie:

As for the recruit in question? The subject came to the fore after New England’s victory over the New York Jets:

“For the receivers, they played well and I have to give them more of the ball. And I will. We will take the ball out and let them play, because we have good players. I can certainly stick to it better. my readings, and I think it starts with me. “ –Jones

If Jones and McDaniels are to be believed, we could see the Pats air it ASAP.

Meyer takes an “us” approach to Jags’ woes …

Football is a team sport. In case you forgot, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer is here to remind you.

When asked if Meyer was drawn into Jacksonville’s loss to the Denver Broncos, he replied:

“Outcoached? I don’t know if I was outcoached. We lost a game. That’s a good question. I’ve been asked that question before. We lost a game.”

Meyer doubled his position when asked if a 0-2 was indicative of a training problem, saying:

“It’s a problem for us. We have to make a few plays. We have to do a lot of things better as a team.… We’re 0-2. You made that point. We have to do it, we – when I say that we, I’m talking about the whole team – must do a lot of better things. “

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