How to become an Instagram official: an etiquette guide


It is a universally recognized truth that modern encounters are a minefield.

Adopt or abandon applications, declare political opinions straight away or let them guess, ghost shamefully or admit that there is no spark … the choices are endless and confusing.

With them comes the biggest choice of all – when should you post your relationship on social media? Perhaps we should look to the constant stream of A-listers who have become “Instagram officials” for advice. Rita Ora and Taika Waititi, Kat Dennings and Andrew WK, Kacey Musgraves and Dr Gerald Onuoha and of course Bennifer have all been made public via the ‘gram, the latest being none other than Adele and handsome Rich Paul. .

But how should we navigate the momentous occasion? From when to post to what to say, we present the ultimate guide to getting official on Instagram.

Slow down, slow down. Before we even think about going official on the gram, let’s try something a little less heavy. Known as the “soft launch,” these are not-so-subtle hints that you’ve got someone new in your life, without the full-fledged commitment of a strong, proud message on the grid. Think of a picture of two dinners rather than one; a glimpse of an arm that must belong to someone else; a road trip where someone else is driving but your followers have no idea who. Soft launch is the perfect way to lead to the official statement, but if things don’t work out it’s so easy to suppress and deny. Perfect.

J-Lo’s official Instagram statement

/ JLo

You’ve completed the smooth launch and are ready to go further with a full declaration of love. Think carefully – the image is vitally important. This is not a message of friendship – there must be some unmistakably romantic signals. Is it a frontal kiss, à la Bennifer? Is it a cheeky couple like Adele and Rich Paul? Maybe it’s a poetic black and white image of your holding hands (reserved for those who take themselves very seriously and often have inspirational quotes as a story highlight).

Whatever you choose, know that it’s the 2021 equivalent of a wedding album, so choose wisely.

Ah, the legend. Notably the most difficult to navigate of the entire Instagram label, and one that allows you to both create or undo any post. Too mushy and you will turn people’s stomachs upside down; too brief and people will be left guessing. If you’re really having trouble finding your words, an emoji will suffice – try “a couple holding hands” or a loving heart. Avoid eggplant emoji. At all costs.

Perhaps we should have started with this: why do you really want to go public? If you’ve been in a relationship for two weeks and want to push off that random account that seems to like every one of your beau’s photos, maybe leave it for a while. If you’re 10 years old and want to post a romantic post, perhaps book a trip to Paris instead to avoid the inevitable disappointment of your partner. If you are just looking to express your happiness in the relationship, go for it. Just be sure to read and remember this guide first.

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