Football, volleyball, soccer and golf results from the region


Winnacunnet 42,
Concorde 7

Key players: Concorde – Zack Doward (9 TD yards), Jacob Plante (PAT)

Highlights: The Crimson Tide was unable to keep up with Winnacunnet’s ground attack and allowed six rushing touchdowns.

Coach quote: “There were times in the game where we felt like we were just about to start to find our rhythm, but we just couldn’t make this game to give the pace. momentum. Winnacunnet is a great football team, but I’m proud of our kids. They played hard and stayed together. – Jim Corkum of Concord

Recordings: Winnacunnet 2-0; Concorde 1-1

Newport 38,
Bishop Brady 0

Highlights: The defending Division IV champions took a decisive victory over the Giants.

Recordings: Newport 2-0; Bishop Brady 0-2

Girls’ volleyball

Inter-Lakes 3,
Franklin 1

Key players: Franklin – Brooke-Lynn Bedard (5 kills), Raquel McCoy (5 kills), Abby Sylvester (11 assists)

Recordings: Inter-Lakes 1 -2; Franklin 0 -2

Football Girls

Merrimack Valley 9,
Manchester West 1

Key players: MV – Colby Magoon (3 goals), Juliana Palhof (2 goals, 2 assists), Arianna Moody (goal, 2 assists), Sydney Bailey (goal, assist), Elizabeth Philbrook (goal)

Highlights: The Pride scored four goals early in the first half, but the Blue Knights remained resilient and physical in their game.

Coach quote: “I was happy with our teamwork during this game. The girls worked together to use everyone on the pitch and improved their passing combinations. – Kylee Yam from the MV

Recordings: MV 2-0-2; Where is 0-5-0

Kearsarge 10,
Mascoma Valley 0

Key players: Kearsarge – Ella Stocker (3 goals), Caroline Camp (goal), Estelle Chmura (goal), Thea Spanos (goal), Loriann Brown (goal)

Highlights: Spanos opened the scoring just eight seconds left and the Cougars added five more for a 6-0 halftime lead. The great defense of Isa Barron, Addy Stadler, Reese Lacombe, Brooke Lacombe and Analiese Blasingame kept Mascoma on the sidelines. Emily Seiler, Madisun LaCasse and Liberti LaCasse all played excellent games for Mascoma, providing multiple scoring opportunities.

Coach quote: “Great game from start to finish. We knew Mascoma would come out strong and wanted to make sure we set the tone early. Our daughters came out and played loud from the whistle. A strong lockdown defense kept Mascoma at bay and allowed our team to stay in control. – Dave Smith of Kearsarge

Recordings: Kearsarge 4-1; mascome 0-4

Coe-Brown 1,
Oyster River 1

Key players: Coe-Brown – Maggie Escabi (goal), Abbey Franke (assist), Mary Joy (defense), Ellie Wolthuis (defense)

Highlights: Escabi gave the Bears the lead in the 28th minute, but Oyster River responded with a deflection from a corner early in the second half to tie the score. Both teams had quality chances late, but goaltenders from both teams were up to it, sending the game to two overtime periods.

Coach quote: “It was a total team effort – all 19 girls fulfilled their role and I think we finally played the kind of football that we are capable of playing. Very proud of this young team to test and take up the challenge. – Josh Hils of Coe-Brown

Recordings: Coe-Brown 1-2-1; Oyster river 2-0-2

Hillsboro-Deering 7,
Perspective Mountain 2

Key players: HD – Abbie Johnson (2 goals, assist), Lexi Ledvina (goal), Eva LaValley (goal, assist), Madi Ledvina (goal, assist), Emily Howell (goal), Kimmy Nadeau (goal, assist)

Highlights: The Hillcats held the ball for most of the first half, but slowed down in the second, allowing the Timberwolves to score both goals.

Quote from the coach: “Our chemistry between us has been a huge asset. – Makayla Savoy from HD

Recordings: HD 4-1; Perspective Mtn. 1-4

Boys Football

Merrimack Valley 8,
Manchester West 1

Key players: MV – Gavin Wheeler (3 goals, assist), Ryker Kimball (2 goals), Cameron Armstrong (first college goal), Lucas Godoi (goal, 2 assists), Trevor Simonds (2 assists), Mikey Mullen (goal), Brady Turgeon ( to help)

Highlights: The entire defensive line played well tonight with Simonds supporting them in goal.

Coach quote: “We came out a little flat to start the game, but once we got settled and moved the ball we were able to take control of the game. All around it was a great team effort. – Ken Fuller of the MV

Recordings: MV 3-1-1; Where is 0-4

Concorde 1,
Exter 0

Key players: Concorde – Cam Littlefield (goal), Alejo Caceres (assist), Max Leahy (6 saves), Ben Masur (central midfielder), Shamir Darjee (central midfielder)

Highlights: Caceres sent a cross from the left side of the penalty area to Littlefield who netted the only goal of the game.

Coach quote: “It was a huge win for us, especially on the road. We have shown a lot of character in dealing with the size and depth of Exeter. Their pace of play in the home stretch was a challenge that we were able to meet. A total team effort and happy with the way we played overall. – Scott Dunlop of Concord

Recordings: Concorde 2-2; Exeter 1-3

Trinity 3,
Belmont 2

Key players: Belmont – Jacobb Bivens (9 saves), Liam Waldron (goal), Mitchell Berry (goal), Kaden Jewell (defense), Manny Mahoney (defense), Jeff Carrier (defense)

Highlights: Belmont led 2-1 at halftime but allowed the Pioneers two late goals.

Coach quote: “An exceptional effort against a talented Trinity team. Belmont has taken a big step in the right direction. – Michael Foley de Belmont

Recordings: Trinity 4-1; Belmont 0-4

Kearsarge 3,
Mascome 2

Key players: Kearsarge – Sam Boulton (goal), Dylan Selby (goal), Cam Dezotell (assist); mascome – Isaiah Hogan (10 stops)

Highlights: Kearsarge took a 1-0 lead off a Selby goal to enter halftime with a one-goal lead. Boulton stepped forward from his central defender position to score from a beautiful diving header. Mascoma pulled one out, but the Cougars managed to score a third shortly thereafter. The Royals managed to get one more with five minutes remaining.

Coach quote: “It was a great battle on the pitch tonight. Fast, physical and there were some great goals scored. The boys worked really hard and our defense played 80 very solid minutes. – Matt Burch from Kearsarge

Recordings: Kearsarge 3-1; mascome 2-2

Field hockey

Plymouth 3,
Pembroke 0

Key players: Pembroke – Molly Topliff (defense), Natalie Longacre (midfielder), Leila Thomas-Guerzon (attacker)

Highlights: The Bobcats scored an early goal, but the Spartans dominated the majority of the game on a territorial level, but couldn’t get the ball into the net. Plymouth scored their second goal midway through the fourth quarter and one final goal late in the game. Topliff played well in defense in his first college start, while Thomas Guerzon had his best game of the season.

Coach quote: “It was by far our best outing. At one point in the second quarter, we stormed their end for almost 10 straight minutes. We played very hard today and weren’t rewarded on the scoreboard, but we’re definitely making progress. – Steve Langevin from Pembroke

Recordings: Plymouth 2-2; Pembroke 0-4

Hopkinton 10,
Stevens 3

Key players: Hopkinton – Charlotte Presti (4 goals, 2 assists), Julia Baer (2 goals, 2 assists), Natalie Allen (2 goals, assist), Hannah Hoyt (goal, assist), Abby Condon (goal), Grace Hall (defense)

Coach quote: “We played a solid game tonight. We had some great passing combinations that created some great goal combinations. – Kate Hohenberger of Hopkinton

Recordings: Hopkinton 4-0; Stevens 1-2

Kearsarge 0,
Winnisquam 0

Key players: Kearsarge – Kate Cochran (midfielder), Kate Dawson (goalkeeper)

Highlights: Dawson made big saves on the weak side of the circle and Cochran unleashed quick break opportunities for the Cougars, but overtime was not enough to break a scoreless tie.

Coach quote: “Both teams played a competitive game. We had plenty of chances to score, but Winnisquam’s strong defense took us away from the scoreboard. – Chelsea Williams of Kearsarge

Recordings: Kearsarge 2-0-1; Winnisquam 1-2-1

Kearsarge 4,
Littleton 0

Key players: Kearsarge – Devin Phyllides (3 goals), Tori Montagna (goal), Paige Hoegler (defense)

Highlights: The Cougars scored a hat trick against Phyllides senior on Thursday in a shutout victory.

Coach quote: “We managed to dominate the game and had a good attacking game. – Chelsea Williams of Kearsarge

Recordings: Kearsarge 2-0-1; Littleton 1-3-0


Pinkerton 192, Concord 195,
Manchester Central 247, Merrimack 266

Key players: Concorde – Gavin Richardson (37), Cam McGonigle (39), Cam Brown (39), Jack Shoemaker (40), Parker Savoy (40)

Highlights: The Tide shot well at Hoodkroft, but the Astros were slightly better, giving Concord their first flaw of the season.

Recordings: Pinkerton 7-2; Concorde 11-1; Central 1-14; Merrimack 1-8

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