Big secret on buying your gasoline at Sam’s Club In Pleas

If you’ve been anywhere near Sam’s Club in Pleasantville the past few days, you may have noticed the long lines at gas pumps outside the store on the Black Horse Pike.

Wait? Didn’t you know they were selling gasoline at Sam’s Club?

Yeah! They have been doing this for several years.

Guess what? The cheapest gasoline prices in the area right now are at the Sam’s Club gas station! No fools!

At 9:30 a.m. Sunday, we checked local gas prices on for area code 08234 (Egg Harbor Township NJ). Sam’s Club currently sells its gasoline for $ 3.22 a gallon. The next lowest price in EHT is 9 cents per gallon!

Now, a lot of people assume that you need a Sam’s Club membership to buy gasoline at Sam’s Club. After all, you have to be a club member to store at Sam correct?

Well, that’s true, mostly, with the exception of one state.

Want to guess what state it is?

Yes, New Jersey!

So here’s the big secret: New Jersey doesn’t allow fuel discounts for memberships like Sam’s Club.

Who knew?

Heck, the State of New Jersey is doing something to help its citizens!

Here is. You are free to refuel! Cheap gas for everyone!

SOURCES: Sam’s Club and GasBuddy.

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