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Even if it ended after six seasons, it is clear that Schitt Creek has become something of a television phenomenon. After the once wealthy Rose family, when they suddenly find themselves broke and forced to live in the humble town of the same name, the show turned out to be a big hit due to groundbreaking moments, unique and fun stories, and a fantastic cast of main characters.

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With such well-written characters, each has a backlog of memorable lines over the course of six seasons. Among those quotes, there’s at least one that sums up their personality perfectly – whether that’s a general tip or a passing commentary.

ten Johnny Rose: “Let me explain something about business. It’s a dance. And sometimes you lead. And sometimes you follow.”

Schitt's Creek Johnny Rose

Johnny is the patriarch of the Rose family and the most rational of the family. Formerly CEO of Rose Video, his affluent lifestyle came to a screeching halt when Rose Video’s commercial director stole all of their money.

Whatever his financial situation, Johnny is a hard worker and a seasoned businessman. Rose Video was America’s second most successful video store chain, and its latest business, Rosebud Motel, was certainly on track to succeed in the series finale. This quote not only sums up Johnny’s business knowledge but also his willingness to take care of himself when needed. To learn how to be a team player, whether it’s business or supporting loved ones.

9 Moira Rose: “What you did was impulsive, capricious and melodramatic … but it was also wrong.”

Moira tries to save her wigs in Schitt's Creek

The eccentric ex-soap actress Moira Rose is the matriarch of the Rose family. With a wonderful performance by Catherine O’Hara, Moira became just as iconic as the series itself, proving to be a stage thief almost every moment she was on screen.

With her odd but memorable word choice, Moira is perhaps the most-cited character on Schitt Creek, with a number of funny but unusual “Moira-isms”. Perhaps that is why the quote that sums up Moira best is when they reunite with David after he disappears without warning. This not only demonstrates her weird vocabulary, but also shows how, as a rather dramatic and passionate person herself, she is happy to see this trait passed on to her children.

8 David Rose: “The thought of me coaching another human should scare you. A lot.”

David in Schitt's Creek

David is the rather demanding son of Johnny and Moira. Although initially spoiled and generally disapproving of others, David is soon pulled out of his shell by a possible friendship with Stevie and the opening of Rose Apothocary with his business partner Patrick (which later turned into romance).

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Perhaps David’s biggest personality trait throughout the series is his insecurity. The above quote was her response to Jocelyn when she asked him to speak to one of her students who was questioning their sexuality. Clearly David didn’t think he would be the best person to talk to (probably because a lot of people didn’t come to him often to ask for his advice), which is why this serves to highlight vulnerability and honesty. of David.

7 Alexis Rose: “I don’t skate in life, I walk in life … with very nice shoes.”

Alexis on the phone at Schitt's Creek

Girl Alexis has one of the best character arcs in Schitt Creek, which is a pleasure to see. Initially extremely spoiled and self-centered, Alexis quickly grew into an independent and kind young woman who ended up starting her own marketing business.

However, even with this character growth, Alexis retains her love for the finer things in life, and this quote suits her throughout. To begin with, Alexis had given her everything on a silver platter and she was easily going through life without worry. The more mature Alexis came through life as well, but this time it took her time to find herself, her goals and what really mattered to her. Either way, she does it in really nice shoes.

6 Stevie Budd: “I am incapable of feigning sincerity.”

Stevie in Schitt's Creek

Stevie is the introverted motel clerk the Roses are forced to call home. Although she prefers her own business, Stevie quickly develops a strong friendship with David and joins forces with Johnny with the Rosebud Motel.

One of Stevie’s notable qualities is that she is honest and won’t be afraid to tell someone the truth no matter how difficult it is. She tells David this when he asks her if she thinks his business idea is good. Stevie’s “inability” to feign sincerity involves both his biting and brutal honesty, but also his genuinely gentler feelings for others.

5 Roland Schitt: “If you’re looking for an A ** to kiss, this is mine.”

Roland silences Schitt's Creek

Roland is the obnoxious and idle mayor of Schitt’s Creek. On numerous occasions, more so in the previous series, Roland unintentionally proved to be rather irritating to the Roses, especially Johnny. But despite his incompetence, his heart is always in the right place and he quickly turns out to be one of the Roses’ greatest friends.

By nature, Roland is a very carefree person and doesn’t seem to care what other people think of him. Still, he is very proud to be the mayor of Schitt’s Creek and he will use that to his advantage. This weird but honest introduction to Roses sums it up well and is also a very memorable moment. Schitt Creek quote in general.

4 Jocelyn Schitt: “I’m upset. I don’t like what this campaign is doing to me. The other day I called another effing driver a fool. I didn’t say the ‘F’ word, but I said “Effing”, ‘And that’s not me! “

Jocelyn in Schitt's Creek

Jocelyn, in a good mood, is Roland’s wife and a teacher at the local high school. Upon their arrival, Jocelyn is happy to welcome the Roses to the city and becomes a dear friend to Moira in particular.

Jocelyn is very kind and positive and doesn’t like conflict or profanity so it takes a lot for her to fall for or say bad things about someone. There have been a few instances where this has been seen, but such an example was during election campaigns for city council. This quote perfectly sums up Jocelyn’s gentle nature in a rather hilarious way, especially with the use of “effing”.

3 Patrick Brewer: “Unlike the birthday clown, I will be back.”

David and Patrick at Schitt's Creek

Patrick didn’t appear on the show until Season 3, but he very easily became one of the show’s most beloved main characters. Beginning as David’s business partner for Rose Apothecary, Patrick quickly fell in love with David, leading to perhaps one of the sweetest romantic relationships on television.

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Patrick compliments the insecure David by being patient, confident and level-headed, but he also shows a rather dry sense of humor. Patrick says the above to David after the latter opens up about his failed past relationships, one of which included a birthday clown who left him. This line not only emphasizes Patrick’s witty humor, but also affirms how much he adores David, despite his flaws.

2 Twyla Sands: “I have everything I need here … It’s about how you live your life. You know, doing what makes you smile.”

Twyla in Schitt's Creek

On their first day at Schitt’s Creek, the Roses meet the bubbly Twyla, a waitress at Café Tropical. Throughout the series, she is kind, upbeat, and super sweet to everyone, and Twyla soon becomes one of Alexis’ closest friends on Schitt Creek.

One of the biggest surprises of the final episode is that Twyla reveals that she is, in fact, a millionaire, having won the lottery just before the Roses arrived. When Alexis asks her why she didn’t do anything with it, she explains that she was always happy with what she had and that she thinks that money doesn’t always buy happiness. This statement sums up how naturally Twyla is a happy person, as well as her positive outlook on life. Her happiness grows even more when she uses her earnings to buy Café Tropical, the only thing that makes her truly happy.

1 Ted Mullens: “I was just giving them a little puppy talk.”

Ted in Schitt's Creek

Ted is the resident vet of Schitt’s Creek, who is first introduced to when David needed to see a doctor, but instead is invited to see Ted (the closest thing to Schitt’s Creek of a medical profession). Sweet and considerably charming, Ted is also notable for having a slightly intermittent romance with Alexis.

The above quote is mentioned to Alexis when she catches him talking to the dogs in her vet office before Singles Weeks. It perfectly shows his sweet, adorable, and slightly wacky personality, and furthermore, it underlines how much he loves and cares about animals.

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