10 anime characters with the most embarrassing secrets


The discomfort is relative. Some secrets are dangerous and potentially dangerous while others are more about maintaining a facade. For an anime hero, a heavy metal character is something you keep from the neighbors. For others, it is a past story of violence that interferes with divine ambitions.

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In some stories, one secret spawns another – a clandestine agreement to keep the secret, a secret. This is often where the real story begins. Here’s a look at the heroes and the secrets they keep.

ten Soichi Negishi is embarrassed by his Death Metal character (Detroit Metal City)

Souichi Negishi from Detroit Metal City

Soichi Negishi is a young musician who dreams of becoming a pop singer. But his not-so-great original songs don’t pay the bills. He adopts a second secret character from Johannes Krauser II, singer and guitarist of a death metal band called Detroit Metal City.

As an outrageous leader, rumors are circulating that he killed his parents, and worse. Much of the laughter in this dark comedy comes from his attempts to alternate between his two contrasting characters and the humiliating fact that Krauser does so well when the pop songs he loves to perform go nowhere.

9 Haruka Nogizaka is embarrassed by her love for anime and manga (The Secret of Haruka Nogizaka)

Haruka Nogizaka - anime

Beautiful and talented, Haruka Nogizaka is the most popular student at Hakujo Academy. Her embarrassing secret is that she’s an otaku – something that can tarnish her reputation as a social star at her prestigious school.

An otaku is seen as an anti-social and unpopular person. Yuuto Ayase one day discovers his secret by accident in the library, and when he agrees to keep it to herself, it marks the beginning of an unlikely friendship that pulls Yuuto out of his shell.

8 Kuroe Akaishi must avoid touching people as an involuntary shapeshifter (Kaiju Girl Caramelise)

Caramelization Kaiju Girl

Kuroe Akaishi looks like an ordinary girl from the outside, but she suffers from a very rare condition called involuntary shape change. Her classmates only know that she has a mysterious illness and call her Psycho-tan at school, where she is lonely.

When Arata, a popular boy at school, invites her out, she must avoid touching him all night so as not to trigger an unintentional transformation. It gets worse – in the end, he finds out that she is a kaiju with both human form and monster form.

7 Takao Kasuga’s impulsive act causes big trouble (Flowers of Evil)

Aku No Hana

Takao Kasuga returns to school one day to pick up his favorite book – Charles Baudelaire‘s The evil flowers (or The evil flowers). He stumbles upon some athletic clothes left behind by Nanako Saeki, the girl he had a huge crush on.

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In a foolish impulse, he steals the sports clothes and brings them home. The next day, school is buzzing with gossip – who’s the weirdo stealing clothes? Unfortunately, Sawa Nakamura knows all about her humiliating secret and forces her to enter into a contract to keep her silent.

6 In Kenji Harima’s world, his manga art is a secret (School Rumble)

Kenji Harima - School Rumble

Kenji Harima is an ex-offender, but his reputation is still pretty rough around the edges. He engages in a lot of fights, and it’s usually his crush, Tenma. He begins to draw manga, and while the art itself becomes more and more public as he gains success, he keeps his work a secret from everyone in his private life except the Tenma’s sister, Yakumo. It’s a combination of a little embarrassment and vulnerability, and a lack of trust in someone other than her that leads him to keep him undercover.

5 Koro-Sensei didn’t detonate anything (assassination classroom)

Koro-Sensei teaches his last lessons

Koro-sensei is a monster with tentacles and a smiley face in Assassination class. He tells everyone that he blew up the moon and will destroy the Earth in a year unless the brave college kids he teaches can stop him.

His secret is that he didn’t detonate anything and the moon was an unrelated accident. If they knew the truth, that he only wanted to help the students in class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High in memory of the woman he loved, it wouldn’t only be embarrassing, he would lose the teaching job. .

4 Yato would like everyone to forget about his war god past (Noragami)

Yato (Noragami)

Yato hopes that one day he will have his own following of worshipers on Noragami. He tells everyone that he is a delivery god and that he does odd jobs on the cheap. His big secret is that his old life was spent as the god of war and calamity.

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He fulfilled his role with relish and wreaked havoc and destruction on humanity as much as he could. Today, he takes a different path, and he would prefer that his violent and destructive past remain that one.hidden in the past.

3 Everything might not be able to maintain its own strength (My Hero Academia)

Izuku and all the power of my hero university

All Might is a superhero, also called the symbol of peace, on My hero university. Like all real superheroes, he spends his time saving people and defeating villains. But, following a previous injury, All Might can only maintain his muscular superhero form for about an hour.

Not only is it embarrassing for the superhero to be seen in his slim, unsportsmanlike body, it could be dangerous as the bad guys would no longer be afraid of him. To hide it from his students, he is sometimes forced to evade his teaching duties and hide in the principal’s office.

2 Arata Kaizaki is not a student – She is an adult who gets a second chance (ReLIFE)


Arata Kaizaki’s life is bleak, especially after a work accident. He is 27 years old and struggles to scratch himself while working part-time in a convenience store. When offered the chance to relive a year of high school by the ReLIFE Research Institute, he seizes it.

Back at Aoba High School, the only condition is that he can’t tell anyone about the experience, otherwise it’s over. The point is, reliving high school is as embarrassing as it gets.

1 Misaki Ayuzawa cannot tell her family that she works in a Maid Cafe (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!)

misaki ayuzawa maid-sama

Misaki Ayuzawa is class president in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!, and she takes her job very seriously, especially when it comes to school safety. She wants to improve the atmosphere for herself and for other female students, and she’s not afraid to get physical when confronting lewd classmates.

Misaki comes from a poor family, and she works in a maid cafe dressed as a sexy French maid to help pay the bills. Naturally, those classmates would make his life miserable if they found out his secret … until one day someone found out.

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